Let’s take this thing for a drive

One of the great advantages the history of churches of Christ and the Restoration Movement offers is a foundation of autonomy. There is no central office or denominational headquarters to answer to. There is no governing head of the church. There is no written church laws on top of the Bible that must be reaffirmed and voted on at annual conferences and conventions.

Everything historically and structurally appears to set in place to step unfettered into an ever reforming and ever renewing body of Christians. Few fellowships or denominations are better situated to become change as change is needed.

And yet we have, in the spirit of the modern enlightenment, found a way to act as though we were a denomination. We find that we have a greater investment in distinctiveness (jacked up with scriptures extracted from their source) as proof of our faithfulness than we have investment in bringing and being a message of hope.

The time has come for churches of Christ to take their autonomy for a drive. It is our greatest untapped strength.

What do you think a church of Christ could do that churches tethered to a denomination just couldn’t? How could we take our autonomy for a drive?


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