Church of Christ Compost #2

Much of the compost created by churches of Christ has to do with the way in which people from its tradition interact with the rest of the world. There is a way in which religious people (RM people very much included) can get so insular and self-focused that it becomes impossible to have any meaningful communication with people who are not within their group.

The Church Rollerskating Party

Times were good at the South Twin Cities church of Christ. We were growing numerically, the youth group was coming together, and there were a large number of very involved members. It was time when there was optimism and hope that a Northern church of Christ could break the stereotype of the small, weak Northern church.

The parents organized a rollerskating party for the youth group. It was an invite your friends event, filled with evangelistic optimism.

We arrived with all of our friends and started skating. All the popular tunes of the of the 1980’s were pumping. Oops. The music was not something the parents had anticipated. Styx, Boston, REO Speedwagon, Jefferson Starship etc rocked us as we skated.

Even though every parent had allowed their kids to skate at this very roller rink with these same songs on Saturdays all year long, this was a church event. This heathen music was not acceptable – not for an evangelistic event. So, one of the parents took the bull by the horns adn asked the DJ for some Christian music. The teenage boy was apparently not aware that Christians had music (and with good reason in the 1980s). The parent insisted that there was Christian music. Furthermore, the parent insisted on something acappella. Again, this acappella music was not something the DJ knew about. When it was explained to the DJ that acappella meant singing only without instruments, he got it. He told the parent that he did have one song that was mostly acappella. The parent was not happy, but felt stuck as she had not brough in some music of her own (Can you imagine rollerskating to “How Great Thou Art” by the Hardin Acappella chorus?)

So, the DJ, in his best effort to accommodate what must have sounded like a crazy request, annouced a mostly acappella song.

The drums lead in Buhm buhm shih, Buhm Buhm Shih and then the vocals “Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise playing in the streets gonna be a big man some day…”

We Will Rock You by Queen was the best the DJ could do.

Please respond with your ideas about why this is or is not compost.


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4 Responses to “Church of Christ Compost #2”

  1. Donna Says:

    This just cracks me up…compost or not! And brings back a lot of roller rink memories.

  2. jasongoldtrap Says:

    That’s just funny. Wacky stuff like that can happen any where, any time within the bounds of any group which has inside behavior. Its sorta like when a family gets together at Thanksgiving. Someone says something that is otherwise innocent but it becomes incredibly funny when said within the group.

  3. Darin Says:

    That story sounds about right.

  4. Len Says:

    Did they have a couples skate? I bet the lights were never dimmed either!
    LOL! Way Too Funny, and Way Too Sad!!!!

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